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Frequently asked questions

What is the VAT rate in the Czech Republic?

Most goods and services in the Czech Republic are subject to the standard VAT rate of 21%. The reduced VAT rate of 15% applies to sales of goods listed in Annex 2 and 3 to the VAT Act, such as food, medical devices and equipment, animal feed, plants and seeds. There is also the second reduced rate of 10% in the Czech Republic, which applies to some medicines, baby food and food for small children, e-books and audiobooks, etc.

How do I communicate with the tax office?

Communication with the tax office is in Czech only. The tax office cannot process foreign language documents, so all submissions and replies must be in Czech, and any foreign language attachments must always be accompanied by a translation into Czech. Documents or replies are sent to the tax office electronically. However, this does not mean by email, but using an electronic signature or a data box. If a taxpayer submits a document by post or email when it should have been submitted via a data box or with an electronic signature, the tax office will reject the document and the submission will be treated as if it had never been made.

How to apply for VAT registration?

First of all, you need to fill in the registration application form, provide the necessary documents and submit all of them electronically to the relevant tax office. Communication with the tax office is always in Czech. Therefore, the application must be completed in Czech and all necessary documents must also be translated into Czech.

How long does the VAT registration process take?

The tax office has an internal deadline of 30 days to process registration. This deadline applies if the taxpayer submits all the necessary documents to the tax office. Since our firm has unique know-how in this area, registrations submitted to our office are usually processed within a few days.

What VAT-related documents do I need to send to the tax office?

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, VAT returns, control statements and, in some cases, summary statements are filed. All submissions are considered final. The annual VAT return, which is filed in Germany, for example, does not exist in the Czech Republic. If something needs to be changed or corrected in a given month, an corrective VAT return for that particular month must be filed.

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All FAQs

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