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VAT refunds

Filing for a VAT refund can be confusing. We're always up to date when it comes to Czech and Slovak VAT regulation, so we can easily avoid issues and get you your refund.

What you need to know about VAT refunds

Who can claim VAT refunds?

When you're a registered VAT payer in the EU, you're likely eligible to claim a VAT refund. The refund amount is based on what has been submitted in the request in your home country. Companies having their Czech or Slovak VAT ID cannot claim VAT refunds in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Where are VAT refunds submitted?

VAT refunds are generally submitted to the tax authority in the home country of the claimant. This helps to cut down on language issues.

What if the refund payment is late?

When a VAT refund payment is late, the tax authority owes the VAT payer interest. For more information about the VAT in the Czech Republic or Slovakia please see our blog.

Will I always receive a refund?

There are some conditions where you may not be eligible for a VAT refund. The local tax authority won't forward the request if it doesn't meet the basic requirements.

VAT refund process

Record invoices and purchases.

You'll need to have a copy of your transactions including VAT invoices and business purchase receipts. These will serve as proof of transaction and help claim what's refundable. After this, you have to submit a request in your home country. It will be forwarded to the Czech or Slovak tax authority, who will then check it. 

Let us do the paperwork.

Once the request is with the Czech or Slovak tax office, some questions usually come up. We’ll help you answer them in Czech or Slovak and file the paperwork accordingly.

Get your refund.

That's it! After we answer all the questions and prove what is requested, the Czech Tax administration will assess and refund you all that you're owed.

Take a nap.
We'll handle your Czech and Slovak VAT.