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VAT de-registration

When you no longer do business across the border, it makes sense to cancel your Czech or Slovak VAT registration. We can do it for you so you can relax. 

What you need to know about VAT de-registration

When should I cancel my VAT number?

When you have stopped trading across borders, if you've become a registered VAT payer by mistake, or if you no longer make taxable supplies, your VAT number can be cancelled. For more information about the VAT ID Number in the Czech Republic or Slovakia please see our blog.

How do I cancel my Czech VAT registration?

If cancellation is the best option for your business, we are able to give you all the necessary information and file on your behalf. For more information about the VAT registration in the Czech Republic please see our blog.

VAT deregistration

Inform us of your business changes.

We can offer a consultation to help you decide if VAT deregistration is right for you. If it's the appropriate course of action, we're happy to help.

Leave it to us.

Once you've decided to cancel your VAT registration, you can rest easy knowing we'll take care of the process for you.

Move on to your next adventure.

You can trust us to complete the process so you can focus on your future.

Take a nap.
We'll handle your Czech and Slovak VAT.