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VAT registration in the Czech Republic or Slovakia

Whether your Czech or Slovak VAT registration is voluntary or backdated, we’ve got you covered.  We’ll set you up so you can easily fulfill your Czech or Slovak tax obligations and get your VAT number as soon as possible.  

Quick and easy process

Czech or Slovak VAT number quickly

Translation into Czech or Slovak included

VAT returns

Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of Czech and Slovak VAT regulation. We'll file for you, and you'll only hear about VAT when it's time for a payment.

Never miss a filing period

Up-to-date on regulation changes

VAT corrections

If you think you've made a mistake, don't panic. We'll find a solution and file your VAT correction to get you back on track.

Expert advice

Smooth process

Filed quickly

VAT de-registration

When you no longer do business across the border, it makes sense to cancel your Czech or Slovak VAT registration. We can do it for you so you can relax. 

One-time cancellation

No follow-up necessary

Reactivation possible

VAT refunds

Filing for a VAT refund can be confusing. We're always up to date when it comes to Czech VAT regulation, so we can easily answer requests from the Czech tax office.

Filed at the right time

Filed properly so you don't lose money

Refunded in a timely manner

VAT for Amazon traders

We have extensive experience working with Amazon traders, so we provide quality service at an affordable price. You can focus on your sales, and we'll do the VAT work on your behalf.

Registered on your behalf

Tailored to your business

Maintained for you


When you have to do Intrastat reporting, there's a lot of monitoring and calculating involved. We can take all that work off your plate so you can continue growing your business.

Always filed on time

Filed only when necessary

Calculated and monitored by us

Tax advisory

We provide tailored tax solutions for you based on your Czech tax advisory needs. Our personalized approach is committed to preventing issues and solving them smoothly if they arise. 

Personalized to your business

Direct communication with partners

Communication in English

Take a nap.
We'll handle your Czech and Slovak VAT.